The Pigeon has landed

Quantum Pigeon is the world’s first monetization app built for content creators. QP offers a modern take on a trusted approach to communications.

Level up your
brand power

Make the most of your messaging with our all-in-one app designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships. Communicate smarter with our premium messaging app features such as edit/delete, scheduled delivery, smart search and calendar integration.

High-impact audience interaction and content distribution with multiple channels, profiles, privacy and control that is free for everyone

Advanced features, automation, audience insights and trends by monthly subscription

Defined channels offering exclusive content, publishing and monetization made available through paid access

Drive creator monetization through subscription-based content

Connect more authentically

QP allows you to directly interact with audiences to boost your engagement and reach by offering exclusive material through a single source. You’ll provide more value to your connections while gaining instant access to other leading creators.

Monetization app for Content Creators
QP Messenger
Monetization app for Content Creators
QP Messenger

Collaborate with your followers

Save valuable time by activating more efficient and effective campaigns. Cultivate cross-platform opportunities with your audiences, other creators and brands that matter. Directly from creator to contact, QP enables you to more efficiently manage your earned relationships in a one-stop content shop.

Customize your profile by audience

Create multiple profiles to curate your brand with target audiences all within Quantum Pigeon's elegant interface. You’ll be obsessed with the premium messaging app's flexibility to personalize your profiles to suit your mood.

Monetization app for Content Creators
Monetization app for Content Creators
QP Premium messaging app 

Control your content

and your brand

QP enables you to take back privacy, security, ownership and full control of your creative based on your own terms. No need to waste time clapping back on haters who can negatively impact your brand value.

Capitalize on

your unique gifts

Create more value for your brand by easily upselling exclusive content and services to drive re-occuring income through no-contract subscriptions. Share tips and techniques with your followers and get inspired by their ideas too.

Monetization app for Content Creators
QP Network

So, what’s your superpower?

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