We’re changing the messaging game

Quantum Pigeon (QP) is the first premium messaging app designed to help content creators authentically engage with audiences to monetize their brands

Why join QP?

QP amplifies the voices of digital content creators of all kinds to engage more active and loyal audiences. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd and fast-track your content marketing strategies with swagger. All you have to do is focus on breaking the Internet.


Make outreach a snap

QP is an easy-to-use and responsive solution that organically connects content creators with target audiences while seamlessly enabling subscription and payment options. And best of all, no more useless ads designed to punish your audience.


Effectively engage your tribe

Effortlessly switch and manage multiple profiles to curate customized brands with different audience groups. You can easily personalize your profile with your friends, family, colleagues and followers. How hard you flex is up to you.


Drive reliable revenue streams

Maximize the latest and greatest AI-powered and data-driven technologies to deliver exclusive, subscription-based content to your followers. Interested in converting your creative to cash? Well, monetizing your influence just got easier with QP.


Ensure privacy goals are on point

Finally, a world without ghosting. Maintain complete privacy, security and control while magnifying content to reach genuine fans in a troll-free environment. No need to exchange your contacts or worry about unwanted DMs slipping in. Mind blown yet?

We ALL have the potential to influence

Calling all content creators

In the digital era, it’s not just A-listers with millions of followers who have the ability to influence an audience base. Anyone who produces content or sends messages has the potential to captivate and engage their loyal followers. Whether you’re a galloping globetrotter, aspiring artist, fashionista, fitness buff, mommy blogger, savvy gamer or even run your own small business - QP was built with ALL types of content creators in mind.

Meet a few of QP’s early adopters

Content creators are seamlessly using QP to activate, manage and track their #nofilter marketing efforts with ruthless efficiency.

Ready to give QP a try?

QP is now available to content creators for private beta testing. Contact us and let’s work together to create a major uptick around your brand.